Top 100 Courses

Top 100 list of the most popular courses on RedHoop.

1 Java for Complete Beginners Udemy Free Yes
2 The Growth Hacker Interviews Udemy Free Yes
3 Python programming Khan Academy Free No
4 Photoshop Training - Tutorials - FREE Udemy Free Yes
5 Metasploit Extreme on Kali Linux (Lite Version) Udemy Free Yes
6 An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python Coursera Free Yes
7 Cisco CCNA in 60 Days - Preview Udemy Free Yes
8 Game Development Fundamentals with Python Udemy Free Yes
9 Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch Udemy Free Yes
10 Growth Hacking General Assembly Free Trial No
11 Beginning Game Programming with C# Coursera Free Yes
12 C++, Short and Sweet, Part 1 Udemy Free Yes
13 Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial Udemy Free Yes
14 Excel for Business - Learn Excel Online Udemy $99 Yes
15 English Common Law: Structure and Principles Coursera Free Yes
16 Intro to Programming : Problem Solving with Java Udacity Free Yes
17 Figure Drawing From Life Using The Reilly Technique. Udemy Free Yes
18 C++ For C Programmers Coursera Free Yes
19 Web Development : How to Build a Blog Udacity Free Yes
20 Machine Learning Coursera Free Yes
21 MySQL Database For Beginners Udemy Free Yes
22 Computer Networks Coursera Free Yes
23 Introduction to Finance Coursera Free Yes
24 Learn Android Programming From Scratch - Beta Udemy Free Yes
25 Java Multithreading Udemy Free Yes
26 CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science edX Free Yes
27 Intro to Computer Science : Build a Search Engine & a Social Network Udacity Free Yes
28 English Composition I: Achieving Expertise Coursera Free Yes
29 Android App Development by Example Udemy Free Yes
30 Learn Javascript & JQuery From Scratch Udemy Free Yes
31 Getting Started with Google Analytics Udemy Free Yes
32 Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps Coursera Free Yes
33 Operations Management Udemy Free Yes
34 ColWri2.1x: Principles of Written English, Part 1 edX Free Yes
35 Accounting in 60 Minutes - A Brief Introduction Udemy Free Yes
36 How To Design Gorgeous Powerpoint Templates | PPT Hackers Udemy $27 Yes
37 HTML Workshop Udemy Free Yes
38 Social Psychology Coursera Free Yes
39 Pentesting with BackTrack: Lite version Udemy Free Yes
40 Everyday Mind Mastery Udemy Free Yes
41 Learn to Program: The Fundamentals Coursera Free Yes
42 Java Design Patterns and Architecture Udemy Free Yes
43 Foundations of Business Strategy Udemy Free Yes
44 Project Management Udemy Free Yes
45 Getting Things Done Udemy Free Yes
46 SEO Training Course by Moz Udemy Free Yes
47 Wordpress 101 Course Udemy Free Yes
48 21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs Udemy Free Yes
49 How To Make App For Iphone, Android, Kindle Without Coding Udemy Free Yes
50 Php & Mysql For Beginners Udemy $15 Yes
51 Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce : How To Process Big Data Udacity Free Yes
52 Casual Japanese conversation - Absolute Beginner Udemy Free Yes
53 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Coursera Free Yes
54 WordPress Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy Tuts+ Subscription No
55 Real World Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Udemy Free Yes
56 An Introduction to English Pronunciation Udemy $19 Yes
57 Introduction to Data Science Coursera Free Yes
58 Intro to the Design of Everyday Things : Design Fundamentals Udacity Free Yes
59 HTML5 Game Development : Building High Performance Web Apps Udacity Free Yes
60 An Introduction to Marketing Coursera Free Yes
61 Intro to Java Programming Udemy Free Yes
62 Getting Started with Android Udemy Free Yes
63 The Basics of Teaching English for Academic Purposes Udemy $29 Yes
64 Machine Learning Coursera Free Yes
65 Up and Running with R Lynda Free Trial Yes
66 WordPress Security Tricks Hackers Don't Want You To Know Udemy $29 Yes
67 Introductory Psychology -- A Video Textbook Udemy Free Yes
68 Algorithms, Part I Coursera Free Yes
69 Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course Udemy Free Yes
70 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition Coursera Free Yes
71 Learn Guitar in 21 Days Udemy Free Yes
72 Concepts in Game Development (GamesDev) Open2Study Free No
73 Mastering Java Swing - Part 1 PluralSight Free Trial Yes
74 Prioritization for Product Managers General Assembly Free Trial No
75 Travel Hacking for Beginners: Travel more Spend less Udemy $10 Yes
76 Python with eclipse and InfoSec (Lite version) Udemy Free Yes
77 6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python edX Free Yes
78 PHP for Absolute Beginners Udemy Free Yes
79 6.00x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming edX Free Yes
80 Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems Coursera Free Yes
81 Karl Taylor's FREE Photography Course Udemy Free Yes
82 Think Again: How to Reason and Argue Coursera Free Yes
83 Forest Girl - Photoshop Retouching Udemy Free Yes
84 Foundations of Business Strategy Coursera Free Yes
85 MATLAB Fundamentals PluralSight Free Trial Yes
86 Statistics One Coursera Free Yes
87 CS 107: Programming Paradigms Udemy Free Yes
88 Adobe Certified Training: Photoshop CS6 New Features Udemy Free Yes
89 Spanish for Beginners: Yellow Belt Udemy Free Yes
90 Calculus One Coursera Free Yes
91 Intro to Psychology : The Science of Thought and Behavior Udacity Free Yes
92 Creating a Business Website Udemy Free Yes
93 Big Data for Better Performance (BigData) Open2Study Free No
94 Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals Lynda Free Trial Yes
95 Entrepreneurship -- From Idea to Launch Udemy Free Yes
96 Up and Running with Raspberry Pi Lynda Free Trial Yes
97 An Introduction to Financial Accounting Coursera Free Yes
98 Learn iOS Programming - The Basics Udemy Free Yes
99 Drawing basics Khan Academy Free No
100 Java Advanced Training Lynda Free Trial Yes

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